Calculation of Components


Finite element analysis

Based on a CAD geometry, we create a calculation model of the component. This is loaded with the specified extreme and fatigue loads. In the evaluation, we identify critical areas and then optimize the structure.
We can calculate both metal and fiber reinforced materials.


Structural Optimization

Components are often exposed to local stresses while most areas are oversized. We offer the optimization of these components. Among other things, generic algorithms can reduce the mass of components without compromising their safety.


Fiber reinforced components GFRP and CFRP

We offer the calculation of fiber reinforced components. We have experience with both glass fiber and carbon fiber reinforced components.


Fatigue calculation

Wind turbines are exposed to fatigue loads with more than 200 million cycles. Due to many years of experience, we can calculate the lifetime of metal parts as well as of fiber reinforced components.

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