rotor blade design

Rotor blade design

ADC has been building rotor blades for its worldwide customers since 1987. For more than 25 years, our rotor blade designs (used in many wind turbines such as Enercon E40 or E66/70, for example) have been working efficiently.

The sophisticated aerodynamic design of our rotor blades makes it possible to achieve very high degrees of efficiency while reducing loads on the rotor blade. With our own profile family and the support of numerical fluid mechanics CFD, we utilize all possibilities of aerodynamic optimization.

The structure of our rotor blades is especially adapted to our customers’ wind turbines to save materials and costs. Depending on the project, we use glass or carbon fiber constructions, and with the help of generic algorithms and our long experience, we achieve a weight-, production- and cost-optimized rotor blade.

We execute the certifications according to GL or IEC Standard. We will gladly also accompany you during certification process and the extreme and fatigue tests of the rotor blades.