Towers for wind turbines

A clever design concept allows ADC towers to achieve the highest stabilities with minimal mass. Making use of the so called "soft-soft" design principal we are one of the few companies to reach hub heights up to 150 m with tubular steel towers. For financial reasons, we generally design higher towers as hybrid steel and concrete structures. By using damper systems, we reduce the loads on the entire wind turbine.

When planning tower sections, we apply algorithms to optimize sheet metal and flange thickness to reduce waste to a minimum. Innovative concepts for installations, doors and flanges significantly lower the overall costs of the towers.

Using a pre-stressed foundation adapter, we guide tower forces safely into the foundation. With this concept, we prevent cracks from forming in the concrete. In close collaboration with our cooperation partners, we also offer the complete foundation design.

We carry out the required certifications according to DIBt, GL or IEC Standard. We will gladly take charge of communication with the certification body.